Our Prices

We work with UHNWI (individuals worth USD 30m+) and institutional clients. Our minimum client portfolio size is USD 1m.

Such limits are guided by the cost of highly skilled labor required to upkeep the highest standards on investment consulting, whilst preventing management fees from compromising our clients’ returns

Our prices would very much depend on the full scope of services that we provide but typically range around 2% of portfolio value per year

We do not a charge performance fee, this enables us to minmise clients’ expenses. Apart from that, performance fees often create a false incentives for investment advisors to takes disproportional risks with clients’ money, since upside is shared whilst the burden of downside rests fully on client

We value long term relationships with our clients and are here for the long haul. Our interests are directly aligned with those of our clients’

Unlike traditional brokerage firms or private banks we do not have set business hours, we are always there when our clients need us